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Silverwood Theme Park

The Log Spirit Cabin is a short 15 minutes away from Silverwood Theme Park. Silverwood is the largest theme park in the Pacific Northwest. At Silverwood, there are rides for every thrill level. If you want a high thrill level there is aftershock, corkscrew, Krazy Kars, Panic Plunge and more. If high thrill rides aren't for you try how some of our rides that are a little less intense like the Paratrooper, Krazy Koaster, Bumper Boats, Avalanche Mountain and more. For those that want only calm and low-intensity rides, try out the Barnstormer, the Carousel, Elkhorn Creek, Ferris Wheel and lots more.
The park is open in the Summer 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. Their hours change based on the time of the year perfect. They also do events like scarywood in October, the Silverwood Anniversary, Mother's Day Weekend and much more. They also have cabana rentals, strollers to rent, and wheelchairs.