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Enjoy the food of the Athol,  Idaho area.

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Candle in the Woods

Candle in the Woods serves dinners that are 10 - 12 courses that are served with an award-winning wine cellar. They boast of a beautiful and relaxed casual elegance. Guests are instructed to get there between 5:50 - 6:00 PM unless otherwise told. They serve food family style where everyone eats together at the table. The guests are able to pick from the wine list. The dinner is an all-night even and dessert is normally served around 9:30 PM and they invite guests to stay as long as they like. For those that would prefer not to drive they offer limo service for a nominal charge for those that don't want to worry about driving.

They serve things like bourbon-glazed salmon, lobster ravioli and homemade strawberry sorbet. The meal is elegant and expensive.